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Harley's Angels.

When teen angel, Harley Jay, gets given the job of being the guardian angel of the troubled, Danny Bourne, neither of them are quite prepared for what happens next.
The world is in danger, an immortal enemy wants to dominate the planet and destroy humanity, Harley's band of angels are all Danny has to help him save the day, but is it enough? 

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There is also a free ebook featuring the character prequels which is available here. 

Lucy in Love

Lucy's life is average. Average but great. Until one day, her classmates steal her diary and her biggest secret is revealed. Lucy is in love. With someone they don't find acceptable and Lucy finds herself drawn into misery and seclusion. But then the arrival of new girl, Blaine, puts Lucy's life into a very harsh perspective
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The Sequel for Maxine

A sequel to Lucy in Love, especially for my dear friend Maxine who read the book and wanted more
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The Great Inventor

The first in a series of Kitchen Chronicles in which Professor Popcorn has finally finished his greatest invention only to have it stolen by Fergus Fork. But what is it exactly that Fergus has stolen? 
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The Book of Secrets.

Once Magus Moon, ruler of the universe dies, and the book containing all the secrets of the world is stolen, his daughter, Orion, and her young group of friends take matters into their own hands to get it back. 

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The Death of Indigo Rose

Indigo Rose is the most famous teenager in the world, albums, films, perfumes, posters, her face is all over the world. Even in death she's dominating the headlines. 
Emily Saunders is the cousin left behind, concerned that no one is treating Indigo's death the way they should be: as a time for misery not a way to make money. 
Then she makes a discovery that makes her wonder exactly what the cause of her cousin's death really was. 
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Losing Kit

Jake Manley is a best selling, world famous author, he is suave, sophisticated, confident... and he doesn't exist. Jake Manley is the pen name of writer Misha Yelchin, a man child who is desperately trying to fool himself that he has his life together and that he is everything Jake is, especially after losing Kit twelve years ago.
Then, Kit makes a temporary return to Misha's life, but is he really going to be able to cope with losing Kit twice?
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Funky Jack Bonkins Nocturnal Detective Agency.

By day, he runs the funkiest detective agency known to man, by night he is the front man of jazz funk fusion band, The Sour Lemons, and co-owner of Rock the Jazz Bar, the funkiest place in town. But when someone mysteriously starts framing his staff, Funky Jack Bonkins, along with his mentor and her landlord, find themselves having to take on and solve their own case. 
Co-written with Chris Loveder, with contributions from Aron Smith and Rhys Williams.
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Rory Fields has finally escaped her mundane life by landing a job at Interpol, but isn't entirely sure this is something she is cut out for, especially after being handed an unsolvable case and meeting young Ezra, who has an escape plan all of her own. 

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The Keeper of the Keys

The Keeper of the Keys
The sequel to the Book of Secrets

Coming soon.