Leah's first Lock In.

Posted by l_smith21 on October 25, 2012 at 5:05 PM

I did mention, probably a lot, that I was taking over from Benj on Somer Valley FM's Lock In show, this was partly because Benj told me to, partly because Nick asked me to and mostly because I wanted to. I love the show that I do, but ever since I first guested on an evening show (Brutha Voodoo's I believe) I always wanted to have the freedom that they have, to be able to be a bit more care free and a bit more weird, kind of like I am in real life I suppose. So, after Nick said he wanted to continue doing the Lock In and to find a replacement for Benj I was thinking about it, and in a round about way, I ended up being the one that got the job and through out all the promoting, the meetings, the jingle recordings and the days leading up to my first appearance as Lock In co presenter rather than guest I was really super excited about the whole thing. Up until the moment when I walked into the station to prepare the show that night. 
I arrived, feeling fairly confident about the whole thing, I'd found a pound outside and used it to buy a bottle of my very favourite beverage, so you know, it was a good start to the evening. I got there and found a note from Stegg the co presenter:

So, I made myself a playlist safe in the knowledge that some of the secret features would in fact remain a secret as they were supposed to be, but as I was adding my three song choices to my list for the Lock off I got really scared.
Because like, I'm never going to be Benj. I'm never going to be able to bring to the show what he did and for that moment, that really scared me. The size of the shoes I was going to try and fill, the expectations that I had mostly imagined, but I suspect were sort of there from the general audience. I was a bit scared to say the least. 
The Lock In is an interactive comedy show, Nick and Benj were an amazing team, they did make people laugh and they made people want to join in and send in guesses to their features and generally comment on stuff. The Lock In was a popular show for the other presenters to guest on because its so much fun. And now I was half responsible for how much fun people would be having. Me. ME. I was some what in charge of actually entertaining people which I've not had to do on the radio before. Drive Time was about playing people songs and keeping them informed of stuff, Leah Looks Back is about bigging up other people's shows. I can be unintentionally entertaining for a few moments whilst doing that but for a whole two hours? I didn't know if I could do it, I didn't know if it would work, Nick and Benj had a great rapport with each other and lots of things that they did on the Lock In wouldn't be replicable, it just wouldn't be right for me to do it and I got a bit terrified about it not being as funny, or as special, or as amazing as it was before. I was worried people wouldn't contact us and I was worried that Nick and I just wouldn't gel the way he and Benj had. But I couldn't do much about any of that because it really was a quick Bevvie and we were suddenly on air and actually doing the Lock In. 
And it was amazing. 
Well, for me it was anyway. I can't guarantee that it was enjoyable for everyone at home, but the new features worked, the jokes worked, the lack of Benj and the added me seemed to work, it was all a bit awesome. And it got especially awesome after this: 

Having voiced my slight fear of not being able to fill the white Converse shoes that Benj constantly wears on air, I was met with this. And I think it was what I needed, I wasn't sat there trying to be Benj, but I was really aware of how unBenj like I am, and that was worrying me, it hadn't actually occured to me to just own that and get on with it. 
So I was as me as I could be, and it worked, it worked with me being me and not being Benj and I stopped being scared about a third of the way in and started really enjoying myself and getting excited about how this show can evolve and grow and how much everyone on the twitter and the texts were enjoying the new features and the general atmosphere of the thing. 

So, if you listened to the Lock In, thanks very much, I'll try to be as well good as I possibly can, and long may it continue. 
And as an added little thing, the moral to the story is always be yourself. Unless you can be Spider Man. Then be Spider Man. Because he's awesome and his hair defys gravity. 

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