Why Hello There!

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So, I've been gone for a really long time. 
It's because I've been interning at a publishers (no, really) and doing a great many other projecty type things, here's a drop in to say what I've been up to recently!

1) Interning.
But, I don't really have much to say on that. My internship has ended now and I'm starting a new job at a local paper doing some writing and other little jobs which I'm very excited about. I love writing and I'm really looking forward to being able to use those skills properly. 

2) Well, writing!
I told everyone about Harley's Angels when it came out but since then I have been editing and fine tuning it ready for the paper back release (I don't have a specific date on this yet, I guess it could be any time!) The cover is being designed by a friend of mine and I'm very excited about how that's going to turn out, I have every faith in her, she's seriously amazing! Other than that, I've started my next book which isn't going too well at the moment, but I'm hoping to at least have a finished first draft for people to comment on in the next few weeks. 

3) Making videos!
My friend, Luke and I tried very hard to make a short film to promote a new initiative at Somer Valley FM to do with finding employment. Luke ended up having to finish it off because I got a bit busy, but here is the finished result!

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4) Radio in general.
Doing four hours a week is much harder now I actually have to supply content!! 

5) Reading!
I've long loved reading books so I decided to keep my writing up to practise by starting a literary blog where I would do book reviews and features, it's gone really well so far, and I'm kind of amazed at how many followers I have over at wordpress now! It's amazing! I have started getting Advanced copies from publishers and I feel kind of special every time I get a new one! So, if you're going on holiday or whatever, check out the blog section at the top of the site and see if there is anything you like the sound of to take with you!

That's all for now. Hopefully, I'll be back soon! 

Harley's Angel - Six Week Challenge

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Six weeks ago I was asked to participate in the Somer Valley FM six week challenge, where we were all given the chance to do complete a goal before the end of the year. I was challenged to write a novel in six weeks, and well, I do enjoy writing novels so I jumped at the opportunity. And now, six weeks after the challenge began, I can now release that novel into the internet, so here we go, Harley’s Angels is available as a free ebook from here so feel free to read it. I can’t guarantee it’ll be the best thing you’ll ever read, I mean, it was done in just six weeks, but you know, check it out anyway.

Part of the challenge was to also mention fellow writers: Chris, Aron, Stew and John which I’ve managed to do, so see if you can spot them and to also mention local band SOHCAHTOA, so fans of theirs should probably head straight to chapter seventeen. There is also a little Somer Valley in joke hidden in there too… If you can spot it I’ll probably give you a virtual hug. I’m hoping there will be a paper back version in the new year which will feature an actual cover… But we’ll see!


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I was asked to review a book by Erin Downing (the author of said book) and so I have over on my reviews page on word press. 

You can access it here:

In case anyone misses me!

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There will be a slight break in the episodes of Leah Looks Back, I'm unable to do the show this weekend, but do not fear, I am leaving the airwaves in the very capable hands of Chris and John, so hopefully all will go well! 


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I'm going back to writing book reviews because I feel awfully out of practise and so I have gone back to my literary review blog which you can find on the little tab that says blog! 
I'll be posting reviews and features on there for your reading pleasure. 
But, in case you don't want to trail through it all then you can acess my new review with this tiny link here!

Thoughts on being a writer

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I've written things for as long as  I can remember, I think pretty much since I learnt how to physically write letters I've been writing stories. I was always scribbling ideas and plot lines in the margins of school exercise books and smudging pencil everywhere, I was always in trouble when out for meals because I would come up with an idea or someone would say something and I'd have to scrawl it on a napkin and come back to it later. When I worked as a waitress and again as a shop girl, I was constantly jotting down my experiences on whatever was at hand, reciepts, serviettes, anything really. 
An entire half of my wardrobe is full of incomplete manuscripts and short stories hastily stapled together, full note books of stories and characters that I've finished and chucked aside. There is a pile that is almost bigger than I am, of notebooks with varying degrees of novels beside my bed. Most of them are half thought of ideas that will probably never see the light of day. Some, I might come back to and finish, but others will probably just continue to gather dust. 

About two years ago, I was alerted to a web page called Jottify, it's like a social network for writers, kind of like movella and wattpad and so I started transferring things that I'd written over to it, just as a storage kind of thing and I would read through them and stare at the titles and never click the publish button. Because I was too scared. Writing has always been my thing, and it's like, if I publish it for the world to see and people don't think I'm any good, or they don't like what I've done, then writing won't be my thing anymore. I won't know who I am. Because if that's not my thing, and it's not something that I'm good at, then who am I? 

Earlier this year, I found myself on a work placement which was every kind of dull, and to pass the time, I went back over some of those things on my jottify profile, edited them and read through them and during that time, I started to feel like maybe I should start showing people things that I've written creatively. I've been writing articles and emails and all sorts of dull things like that for people for years, and they have always come back to me for more, so the actual piecing together of sentences must be a thing I was good at. And so, with that in mind, I took the plunge, I published a full length, completed novel to my jottify called Lucy in Love. And I sat and watched and waited for people's opinions. I found it in the most read of the day, I found it in the most liked of the day, I found that people I knew from school and from around had it on their e readers and were reading and enjoying. People I didn't even know would be interested in reading it sought me out to tell me how much they liked it. 
The whole thing was kind of a revelation to be honest. 

Recently, I went back to my jottify profile to begin the arduous task of saving my SVFM challenge contribution ( a novel in six weeks) to there so that I can link people to it once the challenge is over, and I found that I had a new reader of Lucy in Love and that new reader had left me some comments that made my heart go wee. Like, super wee. 

Things like this make me not scared to show people what I've written, it makes me realise that even if I doubt myself sometimes, that that isn't automatically true for everyone else. 
The last videoCharlie Mcdonnell posted to his YouTube was about being scared that people wouldn't like the things you have created, and I can identify with that, because I'm scared all the time that I'll get negative comments, that people won't like what I do, that I'll lose my identifyer because of it. 
I certainly felt that way whilst writing my latest novel for the six week challenge. 
I still don't think it's the best thing that I have written, I still don't think that people will necessarily enjoy it but I guess, what I'm trying to say is that I won't know that for certain until I put it out there and what other people think may surprise me. 

The six week challenge ends on December 13th and I will make sure that the new novel is up and ready for reading/ downloading that day. Hopefully it'll be good and people will enjoy it.
I hope. 

Blogging about nothing.

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I wish I blogged more.
Like, about things. 
Instead of just posting fangirlsish nonsense on tumblr. 
But I have no idea what I'd blog about. 

I'm a winner!!

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I did it!
I managed to complete NaNoWriMo this year by getting to 50,000 words in thirty days! This means that the majority of my SVFM challenge is almost done and ready for the public to read.
I am a little disappointed by this though, so the victory is a little bitter sweet. When I wrote the sequel for Maxine, I finished it within six days and the final word count was 44,000. With this in mind, I should have very easily reached my NaNoWriMo target within a week, it really shouldn't have taken me this long to get to 50,000 words. 
But, you know, I got there, and that's the main thing. 
My issue now is this: this novel is very nearly finished and it is no where near long enough for my liking., It feels too short to me. Lucy in Love is getting on for a 90k word count and that's not a particularly long book, this currently stands at 55k and I feel like it should be longer to qualify as a proper supernatural novel.

I guess we'll see where we're at in two weeks when the SVFM challenge officially ends. Hopefully by that time I'll at least have something that's readable!

My SVFM challenge update

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I'm really not doing that well with this challenge.
Initially I was rather cocky and was like, yeah, I'll do that, challenge accepted, I am so capable of writing a novel in six weeks, and just to be extra blase about it I'm going to combine it with NaNoWriMo. Only now I am nearly two weeks in and I've hit a bit of a wall. 
Here's whats going down:

Words: 24,503 (which is almost half what I need to NaNoWriMo so that's good)
Chapters: 17

I have only just revealed what is going on with the story because I spent so long giving all these characters a background which I'm really not sure is completely needed. I turned one character into Robert Sheehan which I think is a major stumbling block and, although I know exactly how the thing is going to end that ending is still a long way off at present and I can't seem to keep up a good flow. It's really quite annoying because I know that I can do this but I just seem to have lost my mojo a little bit and it's irritating me. 

But, let's focus on some good bits. 
I have managed to get in all my usual references that I like dropping into things that I write in the hope that it will attract other nerds like myself, and, the thing I am most proud of - THERE ARE NO CHARACTERS CALLED BLAINE!! 
I tend to find, whatever I write, that there always seems to be a character called Blaine, people who have read Lucy in Love and the Sequel for Maxine will have noticed that the one that Lucy is in love with is called Blaine. People who may have had a sneaky peak in various notebooks that I carry around with me will know that The Book of Secrets, First Time for Everything and A Rose by Any Other Name (all unfinished) all also contain characters called Blaine, so I think this is a big deal that should be celebrated. In fact, I'm gonna go crack out some M and Ms because I am that excited about this development. And then I will write stuff. 
I promise. 

Six Week Challenge / NaNoWriMo update.

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So, I'm combining my six week challenge with NaNoWriMo, both of which officially kicked off on Thursday. Here's my progress three days in:


Words: 9,106

Chapters: Ten and a bit.


So far I have managed two Doctor Who references, created a character who is basically Robert Sheehan, killed my main character, been so blasphemous that I think I might actually go to hell and put in two jokes that are so bad they are good.


Want an example of said cheesy joke?

Ok then.

I just had a demon hunter dive through a window, stab a vampire with a sharp wooden implement and yell: "who ordered the stake?"



Its that kind of a book.