Lost and Escape

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I'm really bad at keeping this updated - sorry. 

But news just in and news from a while ago - I have a newish short film and a new story available on the intenet for you all!
So, first the old news:

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My short film lost is up and even managed to get an influx of views before the new year! You can also view the bloopers and the trailer at 

In more recent news, I uploaded my next novel, Escape, you can download a free e-version from the my books tab at the top of the page, its not as great as I'd like it to be, but its free, so..!

The Infinity Path

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I've had writer's block for a really long time now, but I in that time where words haven't been particularly forthcoming, I haven't been sat idle, all the things that I've learned (admittedly, not many) about film making from the short courses and the many painfully terrible youtube videos I've been uploading and made a short film! 

It's called the Inifinity Path and it isn't brilliant, it isn't perfect, but it does exist and that is good enough for me right now! I'm now planning my next production, which I am hoping is going to be bigger and better!

Even so, check it out below!

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Body Posi Talk - episode one

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So... You might have noticed that I YouTube now, well, like the ultimate youtuber that I am, I appeared in a collaboration with my friend Sophie, who has a very cool project going on at the moment to promote body positivity, the outcome was the first episode of Body Posi Talk, in which I hope I was vaguely intelligent sounding! 
The video that Sophie and I then made for my channel will be appearing at some point in the future... 

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Happy 1st Anniversary to Harley's Angels!

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It's been a year since Harley's Angels was released in paperback and on kindle!

Goodbye 2013!

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2013 was certainly an interesting year, I released a book and I ended up having two short stories in the top fifty downloads of the year with etherbooks! 

On Reviews and collaborations

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It's been a while, I am very sorry about that but you know, life is sort of busy at the moment!
I've been working on a couple of collaborations of late, the first is for a children's series which includes myself, an artist and a producer and the second, a story about a detective agency with my writer pal, Chris Loveder, the second of which is this year's NaNoWrimo entry. 
Collaborating is a funny business, it's not something I've ever done before and it's been a real learning curve. 
I'm used to working alone, I think it's because I'm rather antisocial, like Tony Stark, I don't play well with others. However, unlike Tony Stark, my ventures into working with people didn't end with a huge alien attack on New York. 
The children's stories were particularly hard, especially when you're given a brief and you have to stick to it, trying to be creative while you're telling someone elses story was probably the most difficult thing I've ever done, it was so restrictive. I felt like I couldn't possibly add anything to the characters or come up with any canon of my own, just in case I upset the people who's stories I was putting words to. I found it to be really restrictive and it's not something that I think I can do again, or at least if I do, I'd want a bit more input into the whole, coming up with ideas thing. 
The detective collab with Chris is much easier, because we're working together. We both have full control of the story and we're writing it together with lots of communication and I think that's the way that collabs are supposed to go, with an equal amount of input.
It's certainly going much faster than the writing of the kids series did! 

So, that's where I've been lately, 
It's meant that I haven't had chance to write about all the awesome reviews I've been getting about Harley's Angels and Lucy in Love recently! I never really know how to accept praise, it feels weird but in a good way to read all these lovely things that are being said about things that I've written. So, I just wanted to make a quick note to say thank you and to ramble about the things I've been up to. Look out for Funky Jack Bonkins' Nocturnal Detective Agency coming soon. 

Being a reviewer is awesome when...

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Stuff like this happens!

I love it when authors actually read my reviews and then post them themselves! It makes my heart go weee! Like super weee! Because, I don't actually review things because I expect people to read the reviews, I do it because I like reading books and then flailing about them afterwards, but the fact that people like the things that I write about their books is kind of an added bonus! You should check out the confessions series because it's well good.

Off air

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I doubt anyone cares, like at all, but if you do, then you would have noticed that there was no Leah Looks Back on Saturday, there is also no live Lock In tonight and no Leah Looks Back on Saturday either. 
This is for a couple of reasons, the Saturday shows are currently on a tiny hiatus because of live outside broadcast week, Luke and the team are broadcasting live from different festivals that happen to fall on those two Saturdays meaning that I get a two week rest! 
As for the Lock In, illness and recovering after Download Festival have gotten to us so that show will be back next Wednesday, now, continue with your day! 

All kinds of excited flailing.

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This might end up being a bit photo heavy... Sorry I'm not sorry!

Today was a good post day. The reason today was a good post day was because I received a couple of awesome things in the post. First awesome thing I got was business cards. That's right, business cards, the Journal now has business cards and I feel all professional and stuff having a little bit of card with my name and job title one!
Then, later on when I got home I found more exciting things, like my copy of Wreck It Ralph and a new satchel. And. And. I ONLY WENT AND RECEIVED THESE!

That's an actual book. An actual book that I wrote with my actual name on it! I'm still in a bit of a daze about these, I can't quite get my head around the fact that they exist, they exist and they are in my house and soon, they can be in other people's houses too. Like, wow. And they smell so good! And they're shiney and feel smooth and just oh my god. I can't even. I've lost the ability to even. 

That's not all though, Harley's Angels which has yet to be properly released is also actually appearing in lists on goodreads, check this out!

If you follow me on Instagram you will notice that I really love the A Beautiful Mess App. 

Hopefully, the next time this gets updated it will be to reveal where you can buy the book and how much it'll be! WOOOP! 

Top 25!

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It's a little known fact that I started this year as an intern at a publishing company called Ether Books. Since leaving there and going to work for the local press, I started writing for Ether as one of their authors and I've found myself in the top 25 free downloads!
I'm rather excited about this, so like, check out the Ether App on Android and iPhone and get my stories.

Also, I've found myself in the staff picks too (the perks of knowing the people who chose them!)
So I'm just casually hanging out with Paul McCartney and Lionel Shriver! Woo!