The Book of Secrets - New book!

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Even though Harley's Angels isn't quite ready yet, I thought I would unleash another book onto the internet and have decided to release The Book of Secrets which is now available to download for free from Jottify. Head to the My Books section of this site for a link to your free download. 

The Book of Secrets was a project that I started when I was fourteen and has been through several changes, revisions and drafts ever since. I was inspired by Harry Potter, and I wanted to make my own adventure story staring mystical beings and grave danger, obviously, nothing is ever going to be as good as Harry Potter, but I gave it a go and I  am fairly proud of what I've managed to pull together. 
Ideally, I'd like this to be the first in a series, I know where all the characters end up and what they're all doing... but you know, we'll see if I actually manage to finish it. 

Please download it and have a read and let me know what you think! 

Available as a free ebook now! 

Being a reviewer is awesome when...

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Stuff like this happens!

I love it when authors actually read my reviews and then post them themselves! It makes my heart go weee! Like super weee! Because, I don't actually review things because I expect people to read the reviews, I do it because I like reading books and then flailing about them afterwards, but the fact that people like the things that I write about their books is kind of an added bonus! You should check out the confessions series because it's well good.

All kinds of excited flailing.

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This might end up being a bit photo heavy... Sorry I'm not sorry!

Today was a good post day. The reason today was a good post day was because I received a couple of awesome things in the post. First awesome thing I got was business cards. That's right, business cards, the Journal now has business cards and I feel all professional and stuff having a little bit of card with my name and job title one!
Then, later on when I got home I found more exciting things, like my copy of Wreck It Ralph and a new satchel. And. And. I ONLY WENT AND RECEIVED THESE!

That's an actual book. An actual book that I wrote with my actual name on it! I'm still in a bit of a daze about these, I can't quite get my head around the fact that they exist, they exist and they are in my house and soon, they can be in other people's houses too. Like, wow. And they smell so good! And they're shiney and feel smooth and just oh my god. I can't even. I've lost the ability to even. 

That's not all though, Harley's Angels which has yet to be properly released is also actually appearing in lists on goodreads, check this out!

If you follow me on Instagram you will notice that I really love the A Beautiful Mess App. 

Hopefully, the next time this gets updated it will be to reveal where you can buy the book and how much it'll be! WOOOP! 

It's gone to print!

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Harley's Angels has gone to print! It's actually being printed as we speak! This means that in a few short weeks you guys will get to read it! Hopefully you'll be buying it from one of the many shops that I'll list when it's confirmed, but like, if you want to read it for free, then going into your local library and requesting it would be ace!

You can have a look at the cover and a number of prequels over on goodreads, they're all up now so go and check it out!

In other news, the Midsomer Norton and Radstock Journal (which I write for and stuff) is now using social media, so please go and follow their twitter and their facebook please and thank you. 

Top 25!

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It's a little known fact that I started this year as an intern at a publishing company called Ether Books. Since leaving there and going to work for the local press, I started writing for Ether as one of their authors and I've found myself in the top 25 free downloads!
I'm rather excited about this, so like, check out the Ether App on Android and iPhone and get my stories.

Also, I've found myself in the staff picks too (the perks of knowing the people who chose them!)
So I'm just casually hanging out with Paul McCartney and Lionel Shriver! Woo!

Why Hello There!

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So, I've been gone for a really long time. 
It's because I've been interning at a publishers (no, really) and doing a great many other projecty type things, here's a drop in to say what I've been up to recently!

1) Interning.
But, I don't really have much to say on that. My internship has ended now and I'm starting a new job at a local paper doing some writing and other little jobs which I'm very excited about. I love writing and I'm really looking forward to being able to use those skills properly. 

2) Well, writing!
I told everyone about Harley's Angels when it came out but since then I have been editing and fine tuning it ready for the paper back release (I don't have a specific date on this yet, I guess it could be any time!) The cover is being designed by a friend of mine and I'm very excited about how that's going to turn out, I have every faith in her, she's seriously amazing! Other than that, I've started my next book which isn't going too well at the moment, but I'm hoping to at least have a finished first draft for people to comment on in the next few weeks. 

3) Making videos!
My friend, Luke and I tried very hard to make a short film to promote a new initiative at Somer Valley FM to do with finding employment. Luke ended up having to finish it off because I got a bit busy, but here is the finished result!

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

4) Radio in general.
Doing four hours a week is much harder now I actually have to supply content!! 

5) Reading!
I've long loved reading books so I decided to keep my writing up to practise by starting a literary blog where I would do book reviews and features, it's gone really well so far, and I'm kind of amazed at how many followers I have over at wordpress now! It's amazing! I have started getting Advanced copies from publishers and I feel kind of special every time I get a new one! So, if you're going on holiday or whatever, check out the blog section at the top of the site and see if there is anything you like the sound of to take with you!

That's all for now. Hopefully, I'll be back soon! 

Local Hero Inspires Community

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Here's an article I wrote on behalf of Somer Valley FM regarding the six week challenge and also trailing for an upcoming interview with a local hero. 


Local hero inspires community.

By Leah Smith

Local runner John Reynolds from Radstock who recently completed a hundred mile run in full army gear for Help for Heroes visited Pete Helmore on Somer Valley FM’s Community Show to offer inspiration to those doing Somer Valley FM’s Six Week Challenge.

The local community station challenged its volunteers and listeners to complete a challenge in six weeks before the end of the year. Several different challenges have been undertaken including: novel writing, losing weight, and creating documentaries to raise awareness for mental health issues. The station is challenging itself to speak to as many community groups as possible before the middle of December and give those groups air time.

John who is a regular guest on the station and no stranger to a challenge with the goals he sets himself had some words of wisdom for those taking part in this community challenge which ends on December 13th. He told the Community Show, “the key to success is to set yourself a goal and not to give up on achieving it. Staying positive about your progress and rewarding yourself when you reach a mile stone will help you stay on course.”

If you want to hear the whole interview and find out what else John had to say about the challenge and his own fund raising then tune into the Community Show Sunday 2nd December at 12pm. All Somer Valley FM shows are available to hear anytime on click Listen Again. If you are taking part in the challenge you can update the station on your progress by heading to the page



Harley's Angel - Six Week Challenge

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Six weeks ago I was asked to participate in the Somer Valley FM six week challenge, where we were all given the chance to do complete a goal before the end of the year. I was challenged to write a novel in six weeks, and well, I do enjoy writing novels so I jumped at the opportunity. And now, six weeks after the challenge began, I can now release that novel into the internet, so here we go, Harley’s Angels is available as a free ebook from here so feel free to read it. I can’t guarantee it’ll be the best thing you’ll ever read, I mean, it was done in just six weeks, but you know, check it out anyway.

Part of the challenge was to also mention fellow writers: Chris, Aron, Stew and John which I’ve managed to do, so see if you can spot them and to also mention local band SOHCAHTOA, so fans of theirs should probably head straight to chapter seventeen. There is also a little Somer Valley in joke hidden in there too… If you can spot it I’ll probably give you a virtual hug. I’m hoping there will be a paper back version in the new year which will feature an actual cover… But we’ll see!


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I was asked to review a book by Erin Downing (the author of said book) and so I have over on my reviews page on word press. 

You can access it here:


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I'm going back to writing book reviews because I feel awfully out of practise and so I have gone back to my literary review blog which you can find on the little tab that says blog! 
I'll be posting reviews and features on there for your reading pleasure. 
But, in case you don't want to trail through it all then you can acess my new review with this tiny link here!