Thoughts on hair dye and other such nonsense.

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The day after my last exam in year eleven I went to a hair dresser and demanded that they bleach my fringe, I was fed up of having regulation natural coloured hair that school approved of. This was the hair that hadn’t won me the part of Hermione. And I wanted it changed. So, the people at the hairdressers bleached my fringe and for the next two years I had a multitude of colours gracing the front of my face. It was red for a bit, then purple, then blue (that didn’t stay long) then blonde. It was pretty awesome actually, mostly because I was in sixth form then and only the awesome people stayed and I was riding on the wind of having put on my own show in town and the fact that I was writing my second and life was just beginning and the world was my oyster and we were all learning to drive and get our freedom. Man, there were a lot of ands in that sentence. Basically, it was all fun and games.

Then I decided, after I’d sat my A Levels and was preparing to go to uni, that I should perhaps go for a different look. It was time to be a grown up, be someone else, leave sixth form and those dreams behind and go and actually live them. So I spent the whole summer lightening my hair until it was blonde. And it stayed various shades of blonde/ light brown for the whole time I was at uni.

The moment that I moved home and started putting my life back together I decided to get rid of it. I don’t know if it was because university left me so disillusioned or because I didn’t get on with it very well or because it was the beginning of a whole range of mental problems being diagnosed that I had managed to ignore before, but I really didn’t want to be blonde anymore. I guess because my mum is one of the very few natural blondes in the world and she’s so put together and mature that I felt I didn’t deserve to share her hair colour. I don’t really know, I suppose in a way it was all a reminder. I’d gone and tried to be a real person dealing with real life and it hadn’t been what I wanted it to be.

I went back to black as soon as I could.

And because I had a day job and all that it stayed just being its naturally black wavy self. Until now.

Now that I don’t have a day job and can effectively do what I want, I put the pink streak in, and I’m really really glad that I did. I don’t know what it is, but having the hair style that I had when I was 17 has reawakened all those ambitions that I had before, I believe in myself a bit more than I have these past few years. I got back on the radio and I got involved in a sketch show and I’m getting back to who I was before university. Obviously, time is a great factor there, I needed to readdress who I was and all that, but I think the hair dye helped. There’s a saying isn’t there? That if you change your hair you change your whole life. I think that’s a thing. I saw it on Glee so maybe not… Anyway, thank you pink strip for making me feel super human again.

Photo courtesy of my awesome new app that creates polaroid style pictures that you have to shake to develop. The raging hipster in me is a bit excited about this so I'll probably start using it for EVERYTHING.


The end of an era.

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It was with great regret that I had to do my last drive time show today.

Man, I am going to miss those crazy somer valley fm dudes and lady dudes so much. Being a radio presenter has been a dream of mine that they made a reality for me six years ago, and even though uni and life and all sorts of things have come and go, they’ve still been there, and drive time was like my baby, its changed loads and contributors have come and gone but its never felt like a chore and its never been something I could ever conceivably get tired of and I’m kind of having a hard time letting go. Its sort of even worse that this wasn’t a decision that I made, it wasn’t something that I wanted to happen, even though I knew it would all end at some point.

Anyway, I guess, this is… Bye?

Bye to hanging out at the station during the week, bye to bitching with Pete in the production office, bye to kitchen talks, bye to the in between shows banter with Luke, bye to the inappropriate and slightly awkward flirting with Max, bye to covering for Finn, bye to blasting Katy Perry at ridiculous volumes just to annoy everyone.

I know that its not forever, I know that there will always be a place for me there and I know there are other time slots available, but being drive time presenter and being a core volunteer and being with all those people has been such a blast and I really can’t thank any of them enough for all that they have done for me in the past six years. I kinda love the place in a weird sort of way.

So, thank you.

Thank you for giving me the show in the first place, thank you for being my friend and my colleague and for putting up with my randomness and for taking me on outside broadcasts and letting me be a radio presenter even if it was only for a few hours a week. And, lastly, thank you for all your kind words this afternoon during my last show. Thank you especially to Luke who rallied the troops and produced a lovely little goodbye treat for me.

I know I’ll be back but… I’ll still miss you all and the station in general like crazy.

There is an album of silliness from this ocassion in the gallery, and hopefully I shall return soon. 

Casually hanging out with Jeremy Vine.

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This evening, a group of us from Somer Valley FM headed into Bristol to attend Radio Academy South West’s evening with Jeremy Vine who you might know from BBC Radio 2 and various television shows. Or you might know his brother Tim who is a comedian who’s in Not Going Out.

Anyway, was a great evening, got to hang out with loads of really influential radio industry types which was really awesome. Not going to lie, did nerdgasm a little bit every time someone walked past us. Ended up sitting next to Emma Britton of BBC radio Somerset fame, whom Pete and I interviewed for our documentary (which I’m not sure I’m allowed to talk about yet…;). Got to have a lovely chat with her. Paris Troy of Heart FM fame introduced the whole thing and gave us a little wave which was cool. Didn’t think he’d remember me so that was cool.

Jeremy Vine came out and chatted away about life at the BBC and how he got into journalism and radio which was very insightful and interesting. A little bit of a shame that he doesn’t think that there is an awful lot of jobs available for people wanting to work in the media. Oh dear. Good thing I have the whole acting/ writing thing to back that up huh (yeah.. right).

Anyway, it was great.

So, thanks Radio Academy South West for the evening!

I met the Doctor, Doctor Who?

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Unfortunately this doesn't mean I'm the next Doctor Who companion. It does however mean that I went to Doctor Who con! Woooo!! 
It was supermegafoxyawesome!! 

I stroked a Silurian, met the Doctor, found out how they made loads of episodes, got a trip to Cardiff, ate a pizza and so so much more! I even got walked past by Steven Moffat and Arthur Darvill!! Seriously, I nerdgasmed everywhere. 

Matt Smith though, he came out looking so hipster it hurt and greeting us all in a proper cockney accent (which was odd because in the cast panel he talked like the doctor - and he’s not from London…;)and he’s really tall. Like much taller than I expected him to be. He was really nice though and was chatting away to everyone who went over to him even though they were trying to rush. When it was my turn I babbled about a bit telling him off for being too tall so he bent over to make me feel less short which was funny and lovely and he was just super friendly so that was nice.

I even got to go to the Ianto Jones shrine in Cardiff Bay, which is a place I have always wanted to go! Check my Tumblr for a more in depth write up of all of this, but yeah. Awesome day was awesome. 

Oh, be still my beating heart.

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Just got back in from seeing Blood Brothers for the 10th time. I will never get bored of that show, its my absolute favourite.

What I wouldn't give to be in that cast!!

Somer Valley is now on Tumblr!

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As you may or may not know, I am a presenter at Somer Valley FM! I currently present the drive time show, and now the radio station has entered the exciting world of Tumblr. I have one of those too. But, their latest Tumblr post is all about me so I thought I would share it with you!

To make it even easier, I reblogged it to my own Tumblr and you can find it here!

How to succeed in being awesome without really trying

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So I went to New York with Pond!! Its official, her name was New York and she stole my heart away. I am in love with this absolutely beautiful mental city and I want to live there forever. For now though, this is just going to be a really long fangirly post about how much I loved it.

We set off from Bristol where Pond was suspected of terrorism, flew to Dublin with very orange Liverpuddlians and then got another plane to JFK!

Our hotel was directly opposite Madison Square Garden’s which already had the theatre nerd in me going keeerazy.

It turned out that Broadway and Times Square were about five minutes along the road so after check in and a brief nap we went exploring, hung out in the Disney store and generally pratted about in ToysRUs which is the greatest place ever.

On our first actual full day in America, we decided it was right and proper to be tourists so we climbed the Empire State Building. I’d been up it before when I went on a school trip but I don’t think I was of an age where I could really appreciate it. Its such a humbling experience looking down and seeing all those people beneath you, like, how small and insignificant we all really are. Bit deep I know. But there has to be something in that.

After walking around the Empire State we headed back towards Times Square because we were actually going to Broadway!

Our first Broadway experience was How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying starring Darren Criss. I’ve been a bit of a Darren Criss fangirl since I stumbled on him doing Disney covers on YouTube so it was wonderful to actually see his career progress and go watch him in an actual Broadway show.

How to succeed was marvellous, the set, the scenery, the choreography, the script, the acting… There’s wasn’t a single thing you can criticise it for, it was actually flawless. The Al Hirschfield Theatre is probably the most beautiful theatre I’ve ever been in, the inside is so intricately decorated its bordering on gorgeous, once we’d gotten in (and accidentally referenced the play to the ticket woman) and found our seats waiting for curtain up was wiled away by just looking at the ceiling because its actually incredible inside. And the show itself, dear God! It was hilarious! I thought it would be good because you know, its on broadway and all but it was phenomenal! The choreography was mind blowing and the scenery was so cool, all on these different layers and the way they managed to get across Finch’s little schemes was really clever. I think Christopher J Hanke (who played Frump) stole the show for me, but Beau Bridges was kinda incredible and you know, Darren was Darren. My favourite bit had to be the Grand Old Ivy sequence, it was fantastic! And then when Finch pulls out the knitting, the way he cries REALLY?! Actually made my sides hurt a bit.

I was a bit annoyed at the fact that people actually started leaving before the house lights came on though, I just found that to be a little disrespectful. But that was literally the only bad point of the whole thing. I seriously can’t believe Darren managed to learn pretty much the whole of that in just two weeks, I bow down to you and tip my hat Mr Criss.


Post show we flailed about the streets for a bit just trying to process how amazing it was and then did some shopping. M and M world and the Hershey shop are all kinds of awesome, matched only by the amazingness that was the Disney store and the massive Toys R Us.

That was all followed by real New York pizza, which I can confirm is the best pizza on earth.


Our third day was the single coldest day I think I have ever experienced, the road was icing over it was that ridiculously cold outside. But you don’t go to New York to stay in bed all day trying to stay warm and getting over a theatre hang over so we bundled up and went searching for Central Park. After we wondered around freezing our arses off, we headed out towards the posh shops and found FAO Schwartz which I convinced Pond we simply had to visit, there is an entire section dedicated to both Harry Potter and Tin Tin. The piano from Big is still there and still functional too which was awesome. Resisted the urge to play on it this time though. So we totes bought every flavour beans and Harry Potter merchandise before continuing on our way and finding Tiffanys. Which we, in the spirit of being Rachel and Kurt, decided we simply had to have breakfast, or rather brunch in front of. So we did.


Our final day in New York was probably the busiest, we headed off to the Rockerfeller Centre, cue many a 30 Rock moment from myself, plus a little fangirling as we passed radio city music hall. Continuing around from there we checked out the NBC store and dorked out over all the cool merch they had in there, were asked if we were scottish. Which confuses me, considering I’ve never been to Scotland. And actually have a bit of a South London twinge to my accent… But hey ho, I’m not sure I could place regional American accents accurately either. After exploring a bit more we came across the HBO store which was the coolest place ever, inside there were sections set out depending on the different shows, so as you went in you found yourself in Fangtasia where you could buy bottles of True Blood and that sort of thing and then you walked into Merlottes where you could get t shirts and Bon Temps football shirts and the like. And then! Around the corner it was set out like Broadwalk Empire and everyone was dressed up! We did the little tour thing of that bit and got to see the bar and the crates of prohibited booze and stuff. Little bit of a nerd out occurred there. Eventually we found our way back to Times Square and to Planet Hollywood for my first Planet Hollywood experience. Oh gosh, its pretty awesome in there. I had real american cheese cake, which I can confirm is the best cheese cake ever, and also a transformers smoothie. I could quite happily live in there. Why don’t we have one here?


And then it was time for our final theatre related trip of the holiday, we went to see The Joe Moses One Man Showses.

As I mentioned when I was talking about H2$, I was a big fan of Darren Criss, and likewise, by extension, Team Starkid, so it was incredible to be able to attend a JMOMS that not only starred Joe Moses himself but also Jaime Lyn Beattie. JMOMS was every shade of hilarious, I loved being there to see Joe and Jaime reunited for the Joe and Jaime show and JD Durkin and Megan Cox also guested, I wasn’t aware of them before but they were both properly funny.

I will never be able to listen to the song Party in the USA the same way again now that I have seen Joe dance to it and that wasn’t all, he danced, he rapped, he made me laugh until I could barely breathe and then, then he had to come out and do a DOCTOR WHO SKETCH! WHERE HE PLAYED THE DOCTOR! AND HAD AN ADORABLE ENGLISH ACCENT AND WORE A BOWTIE AND SAID THE WORDS “BANANAS ARE GOOD” AND “BOWTIES ARE COOL”.

It is commonly accepted that liking Doctor Who makes you infintely more attractive, dear God, if I didn’t already love Joe Moses, I sure as hell do now. Now I have these pains in my chest and I know its his fault that bastard!

Joe is actually way more adorable in real life than I thought he’d be too. He’s tiny, like tiny tiny! He’s well skinny, he could probably do with some new york cheese cake!

But you know, it was such a wonderful way to end the trip and I very much enjoyed our immense starkid sandwich! We were planning on fitting Lauren Lopez in too and checking the Twilight musical but I was so over come with love on leaving the PIT that I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate. Super annoyed that I didn’t get to meet Joe after, my bladder was fit to bursting after all the laughter and then the Doctor Who moment that we ended up at the back of the queue and there was no room for us to go down to the little room, so we left. Probably best because I would have thrown up on his beautiful shoes had we had a chance to actually converse. And that would have been well awkward.

And then we came home. But we had a real American breakfast and an air steward that looked like Hugh Grant first.